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Below is what REAL users are saying about Shiftcush:

  • Hi Tony.
    The shiftcush arrived early this week. Everything in order.
    I tried it for several days on my Sportster and I'm very satisfied with it. The installation couldn't be easier and faster (10 seconds!) and I like its smooth and pleasant touch. It does its duty perfectly: no more ragged left shoes!
    I'll strongly recommend it to all my acquaintances.  I really appreciate your business. [H. Alvarado, Spain].
  • Great product - The only thing I don't understand is why it is not standard on all bikes.  I have used the Shiftcush on a Suzuki SV1000S for several years and find that I shift just as quickly and easily with the Shifcush as with the standard peg. Actually I shift more easily and the comfort is much better.  I would recommend the Shiftcush to any motorcyclist. [G. Harrell, Prescott, AZ]
  • Your product is so excellent, I need to place another order immediately (a have very jealous friend!). I'm riding a 2006 Triumph Tiger.  Anyway, your Shiftcush is great and thanks for the quick shipment. [Nikos Kovatzis, Athens, GREECE].
  • You gadget is great! I used it for several months on my Honda Rebel. I truly enjoyed using it, and my boots were kept inmaculate.
  • My little testimonial: Your device has 2 advantages of vs. on-boot gadgets seen on eBay (I tried two different on-shoe devices sold there). First, it doesn't matter how hard to fit your foot is. Any size and width works, as it's not a matter of fit. Second, the boot's grip is 100% in contact with the pavement. The latter is truly important if you send a lot of $$$ on slip-resistant soles. GOD's blessings, and utmost success in your auctions. [Samuel H. Figueroa, Stanhope, NJ]
  • Hi Tony, I received your product on Monday and honestly I am amazed... it just took 2 minutes to install it on my Suzuki GSX 1100G. Then it moved naturally to the right angle....for sure now I t is like a pellow for my shoes, but also the shifting force on the clutch is deeper and smoother providing a real driving comfort.

    You sent me 2 instead of 1 I previously ordered, Thank you ! That's a nice gift I guess ... My mechanic was interrested by the product, he knew it but never seen it in real, he actually sales a kind of ugly made in China finger gloves style that is made with this material similar to some diving suit (Neoprene), but to me your product is much more reliable. I will tell him to buy your smart product.

    Thanks again for all, I am very happy !
    have a nice week
    [Frederic D., San Gabriel, CA]
  • I ordered two Shiftcushes for my Harley Davidson applications & couldn’t be more pleased. The product does everything it is advertised to do & Tony’s all around customer service, is second to none. Thanx for your innovative invention [~Flash~ Long Island, NY]
  • I ordered a Shiftcush for my '05 Triumph Bonneville America a couple of months ago after almost wrecking a good pair of boots and I gotta tell you it was one of the best additions to my bike that I have ever added. I have been riding bikes since 1964 and have tried just about overtime to make shifting easier of both my shoes and my foot. The Shiftcush is the greatest! I think I've tried everything that has been on the market plus a few homemade ones but none have worked as good as the Shiftcush. Thanks guys! I'm ordering a couple more of them to have on hand so I never have to go without. When I received my first one, I had to make a few minor adjustments (a little trimming here and there) but all is good and I thank you again! [David Bosch, Fresno, CA].
  • Tony, Thanks for the personal attention. I have received the Shiftcush and it is on the bike and working very well. I have always thought there must be a better way and it finally came along. It almost seems like the upshifts go into gear better now and it is much more comfortable. Thank you very much! [George Harrell, Danville, CA]
  • I just purchased a Shiftcush from you and this is my third. I would never ride without it and it's a pleasure to ride with it. [Angelo Benenati, Yonkers, NY].
  • Thank you so much! The item is awsome!!! [Dennis Blackwell, Warminister, PA].
  • Tony, this shiftcush has worked out very well. As you know, my peroneal nerve is damaged, which means even the slight pressure against the upper surface of my foot causes me pain too severe to use a conventional shifter. I can now shift my 2004 250cc Honda Rebel without the pain I had with the regular hard rubber shifter. Give my name to anyone that has a question and I will tell them how well it has worked out or use my email arnold_jones@sbcglobal.net. Thanks for your patience! [Arnold Jones, San Francisco, CA]
  • I received my shiftcush and installed in on my '05 Triumph Bonneville America. Absolutely the greatest!!! I ordered 1 and received 2, thanks. The shiftcush is really great and I will order more when I need them. Will show it off too! [David Bosch, Fresno, CA]
  • I think it is awesome to be honest! I love it, year round even! Thank you... Very, very great product! [Stephen Balogh, Aurora, CO]
  • Hi Tony, Thank you for sending me a replacement so quickly. I put it on and I like it very much. Let me explain why. I have a 2004 Moto Guzzi v11. I was able to lower the pegs but the Guzzy shifters are not adjustable. As a result, it is a stretch to the foot control. Your product makes it easier to shift. I would recommend it to every Guzzy owner. For this reason, You should make Guzzy dealerships aware of this product. A good one to start with is Moto International. The owner is Dave Richardson. His email is sales@motointernational.com. He sold me my bike and is a great guy. Thanks again. [Ross Kindel, Encino, CA]
  • Hey Tony, I was glad to find your product online. I had recently bought a nice pair of suede boots and was wearing them one day when I decided to hop on the bike and ride over to a friend's house. I'd always worn black leather boots when riding before, so I didn't realize what I was doing. I was really upset when I got off the bike and found black lines ground into the top of my brand new boot from the rubber on my shifter. I thought it was road grime or something, so I washed off the shifter with some degreaser and a towel when I got home. A few days later, I was wearing nice running shoes when I jumped on the bike to run a couple of errands. Again, black lines on the top of my shoe. That's when I realized it was the rubber that caused it, not road grime or oil or what have you. I had seen those shoe protector straps before, so I went online to look into that. I found them alright, but I'm not fond of the idea of having to put that on before every ride, then take it off after. I ran across Shiftcush and decided to give it a try. For the price, I figured "what the heck". I was surprised to find it's built better then I expected... rather ingenious, actually. It went right on in seconds and felt great. It's easier and more comfortable to shift now and no more stains! Thanks for a great product! [Chris Pittman, Sierra Vista, AZ]
  • I would like to say the Shiftcush is a great addition to my bike. It helps make the shifting more smoother and also saves on shoes - no more black marks. I would recommend it to anyone who has a bike. Thanks! [Darin Hawkins, GA]
  • I purchased a 1973 Honda CL450 recently with only 2000 miles to revisit my past so to speak. It hurt my foot when up-shifting to the point that riding became unpleasant after just a few minutes. Once I installed the Shiftcush riding became pleasant once again! [A. Brown of California]
  • Tony,

    At Thunder N Sparks Nevada I purchased a Shiftcush. My riding buddy of 43 years would not part with the money.  The next day he rode my Honda GL 1800 trike to test the shiftcush and then parted with the money cause he had to have one.. I went back on Saturday to purchase a back up but you had left.  I was told by another vendor that you sold out.  The cush is more than keeping any marks off your shoe, boot, or sneaker.  It is just down right comfortable.  It actually makes riding more enjoyable. I give Shiftcush 5 Stars! [Roger Q. McFarland, Fort Mohave, AZ]

  • I have used the Shiftcush for about 500 miles now on my Triumph Trophy and it has done what it said on the box - easy shifting and no scuffing of shoes. [Vic Smirthwaite, Isle of Man, United Kingdom]
  • The Shiftcush does as advertised, and I am happy with the results! [Stuart Sorkin, Sacramento, CA]
  • I like it! [Ralph Doolin, Dyersburg, TN]
  • It's comfortable and I enjoy riding with it. No shifting fatigue! [Eddy Lao of Triumph JT Marketing Corp., Philippines]
  • It's comfortable and soft! I really like it! [Bernard A. of MOTUL Philippines]
  • It's the best! [Ryan S. of DHL Philippines]

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